Shoshanah Campus Program

In its 50th year, the Shoshanah Campus once again welcomes people of all ages from all around the globe to learn and grow in Messianic discipleship. This beautiful facility is nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, and provides the perfect setting for deep Bible study, fellowship and fun extending from early July right through Labor Day weekend.

50th shoshanah

2024 Program of Messianic Jewish Studies

Our program centers on grounding and growing believers through an in-depth study of the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective. You can attend the program for 1 week up to 8 weeks, even including Labor Day weekend, depending on your schedule, but you will benefit most if you can complete any or all of the 1-week, 2-week, 3-week, or Labor Day modules. The time of Bible study combined with worship, fellowship, and the beautiful surroundings, makes Shoshanah the perfect retreat for refreshment and renewal of your faith.

If you have any questions, our campus staff is ready to answer them. Call (518) 834-6057, email [email protected] , or go to for more information. Click the button below to download the 2024 application form. A brochure for Shoshanah 2024 will be available soon.

We Look Forward To Seeing You This Summer For Shoshanah 2024!

2024 Course Curriculum

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Week 1 : July 1 – 5

The Book of Exodus | Arnold Fruchtenbaum

In their exodus from Egypt, the people of Israel became the nation of Israel. This study will help you understand the events leading up to the departure from Egypt, the significance of the Red Sea crossing and Mount Sinai, as well as the giving of the initial segments of the Law of Moses and subsequent formation of the Tabernacle.
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Weeks 1 – 2 : July 1 – 12

The Book of Leviticus | Steve Shermett

This survey examines the significance of the Mosaic sacrifices, the dietary code, and the Feasts of Israel. Prophecies of Israel’s future, both fulfilled and unfulfilled, are highlighted.
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Week 2 : July 8 – 12

The Book of Numbers | Arnold Fruchtenbaum

A survey study through the Book of Numbers focusing on the history of the 40-years of wilderness wanderings and the significance of other segments of the Law of Moses.
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Week 3 : July 15 – 19

Jewish Family Life | David Barker

The cycle of Holy Days and practices that God gave Israel has value for both Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah Yeshua. Explore how to incorporate these into a Messiah-centered life.
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Weeks 3 – 4 : July 15 – 26

Eight Covenants of the Bible | Mottel Baleston

A detailed study of the eight central covenants God made in relationship to Israel, the Gentiles, and the Body of the Messiah and their significance for our understanding the entirety of Scripture.

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The Ministries and Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Tim Sigler

This course examines the many passages in the Bible regarding the Holy Spirit and seeks to integrate these into a systematic understanding of the purpose and activities of God’s Spirit in the church and in the world today.

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Weeks 3 – 5 : July 15 – August 2

Highlights of the Minor Prophets | Arnold Fruchtenbaum

“The Twelve” as they are known in the Hebrew Bible, span some 300 years of history. This course examines the powerful message of each of these prophets. While some are studied in greater detail than others, the emphasis throughout is on the political and spiritual issues of both Israel and Judah, prophecies of Assyria and Babylonia, Messiah’s first and second comings, the great Tribulation, and the Messianic Kingdom.

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Highlights of the Life of Messiah | Arnold Fruchtenbaum

This summary course on the life of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, is required for all those attending the three-week program for the first time. This class walks you chronologically through the four Gospels by covering most of the segments of Ariel’s Harmony of the Gospels. It focuses on the events in Yeshua’s life and presents them from a Jewish perspective, shedding light on the theology and customs that were a daily part of Jewish life in the first century.

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Weeks 4 – 5 : July 22 – August 2

Plan of the Ages | Mottel Baleston

The many and varied narratives of Scripture can seem confusing and even contradictory. Recognizing and understanding the different Dispensations throughout history is the key for making sense of the larger story of the Scriptures.
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Week 5 : July 29 – August 2

Messianic Jewish Theology Today | Tim Sigler

This course will cover special issues involved in Messianic Jewish theology from a biblical and rabbinic perspective which include specific topics such as circumcision, the Mosaic Law/Torah Observance, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Kashrut, Messianic Congregations, and the distinctives of Israel and the Church.

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The Spiritual Life | Richard Hill

An important study to help in mastering principles of the spiritual life and spiritual warfare. The course examines the roles of the Holy Spirit, the new nature, as well as the world, the flesh and the devil in the believer’s life.

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Week 6 : August 5 – 9

The Life of Messiah | Arnold Fruchtenbaum

In this classic one-week intensive course, you will drill down through all four Gospels chronologically using most of the segments of Ariel’s Harmony of the Gospels. Gain a deeper understanding of the words and deeds of the Messiah by understanding the background of Jewish theology, customs, and socio-political perspectives in which He ministered.
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Week 7 : August 12 – 16

The Book of Ezra | Paul Miles

This study focuses on the Jewish reforms during the fascinating era of the Achaemenid Empire. History, linguistics, and archaeology come together as we consider the ramifications of Zerubbabel and Ezra making aliyah after the Babylonian exile.
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Weeks 7 – 8 : August 12 – 23

The Book of Romans and the Jews | Mottel Baleston

All the central truths of our faith in Messiah are proclaimed boldly in Romans. More than three whole chapters are devoted to God’s continuing relationship with the Jewish people. Our faith is only understood when these truths in Romans are embraced.
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Week 8 : August 19 – 23

The Book of Nehemiah | Paul Miles

This book continues the story begun in Ezra. Nehemiah travels to Jerusalem to restore the wall and joins Ezra in bringing reform to post-exilic Israel.
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August 30 – September 2

Labor Day Weekend

Begins with Shabbat meal on Friday of Labor Day Weekend through lunch on Monday.
Topics include:

  • The Life and Rule of David | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  • The Life and Rule of Solomon | Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  • Introduction to Bible Study Methods | Tim Sigler

Program Description

The Program of Messianic Jewish Studies has grown over the years to become an extensive offering of courses on various Bible topics all taught from a Messianic Jewish Perspective. The Program is divided into modules, the first being a two week curriculum followed by a three week curriculum. An intensive one-week course, The Life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish Perspective, is always offered in the sixth week followed by another two week curriculum. These curricula cycle over a period of years, so that if you miss a module in one year, you could attend it in a later year. The courses on Labor Day Weekend can be taken as a module separately from the other modules.

You may attend for a single week, or for just one or two modules, or for the entire time, including Labor Day Weekend. The choice is yours, but we encourage you to attend all eight weeks and Labor Day Weekend of the Program if your schedule allows.

“It is a wonderful Bible camp for adults and children.”
James A.

“We’ve gone many years in a row. There is an authentic love among the people there, for each other, and a genuine love for the Lord. It’s so special and so beautiful.”
Anne C.

“This is a wonderful bible camp and retreat. Scripturally sound in-depth bible teaching. Highly recommended!”

Terry Z

Program Schedule

Classes begin on Monday morning and end on Friday evening. Classes take place in the morning hours and in the evenings after supper, and attendance is required. Each class session begins with a brief time of worship and is one hour in length, with the exception of 75 minute classes for the Highlights of the Life of Messiah course which is required only for those who are attending for the first time in weeks 3-5.

The schedule is designed to maximize the teaching time during the day, yet provide ample time for fun, fellowship, and relaxation. Thus, each afternoon is open time to enjoy fellowship, hiking, recreation at Trout Pond, other local attractions, or to take time with the Lord in personal study and prayer.

Each week comes to a fitting climax in a special Shabbat dinner with time for sharing, music and Israeli dancing for those so inclined, followed by the teaching service. Saturday is a free day for those continuing in their studies the following week, or departure day for those not continuing. Sunday mornings feature a time to gather for worship led by Ariel staff members and students. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it and assist in the worship times. The fun-filled Wednesday evening “entertainment night” provides further opportunities to use your musical and other abilities. Impromptu music always makes the Saturday and Sunday evening lakeside cookouts to be very special occasions indeed.

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Camp Facilities and Programs

Programs for all. The main lecture hall and chapel, seats approximatley 80, equipped with sound system and air-conditioning. We also have our own private sandy beach on Trout Pond and a kitchen facility to serve 150 people.

Children and Youth Program photo

Children and Youth Program

While the adults are attending the teaching sessions, the children and youth are also learning and being discipled by carefully selected committed staff using age appropriate settings and activities. Many of the young people have indicated that this time at Shoshanah is a highlight of their year.



Varied types of accommodations are available, from en-suite rooms to family cabins, RV spots, and camping facilities. Please note there are no single rooms available. The Administration strives to accommodate individuals and families to make the most efficient use of the facilities. All accommodations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with early registrants receiving preference for type of accommodation and dates. No pets are permitted in any of the facilities. If desired, off-site accommodation is available at local motels (contact the Shoshanah Office
for a list).

Meals at the Dining Facility photo

Meals at the Dining Facility

Meals are always a great time for relaxed conversation around the table while enjoying the well-prepared food selection. Please plan to arrive after 2pm on a Saturday, since the first meal for new arrivals is the special weekend evening cookout at the lakeside pavilion. Kitchen facilities may not be used by attendees to prepare special diet meals, and no food is allowed in the cabins. A refrigerator for medications is available in the dining hall. Please call the Campus office beforehand if you have any questions about special dietary or medical needs.

Shoshanah Scholarship Fund

Would you like to assist a pastor, church leader or missionary in their learning and training, who, because of financial constraints would not otherwise be able to attend? The Shoshanah Scholarship Fund does just that. You can go to the Shoshanah donation page and select “Shoshanah Campus-Scholarship Fund” to make your donation, or call the Shoshanah Office.A Scholarship Pays Eternal Dividends

Invest in the leadership you love. Churches can show their appreciation and love by sending their pastor and family to Shoshanah for a week or more. The deep Messianic scriptural understanding they gain will in turn be a blessing to the congregation and the lives of those they touch by their teaching.

Call the Shoshanah Office at (518) 834-6057 and we’ll help you donate to the Shoshanah Scholarship Fund or we can help you set up a *sponsorship for someone you have in mind that you would love to attend. (*Please note that sponsorships are not considered tax deductible gifts by IRS, whereas donations to the Scholarship Fund will receive tax deductible receipts.)

Whatever the case, Ariel’s Program of Messianic Jewish Studies is an investment that pays eternal dividends.

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Tyndale Seminary Course Credit

If you are already enrolled as a student at Tyndale Seminary, you can receive three semester hours of graduate or undergraduate course credits for every 10-12 hours of study completed in our Program of Messianic Jewish studies at the Shoshanah Campus. For information on how to obtain credits, please contact Josh Bailey at (800) 886-1415, or email [email protected], or write to Registrar, Tyndale Seminary, 701 West Pipeline, Hurst, TX 76053.