Plan your Giving

Your tax-deductible donation is stewarded by Ariel Ministries to provide life-changing educational opportunities for those attending teachings at the Shoshanah campus.

As a Christ-centered charitable organization, we strive to be good stewards of the resources you entrust to us.

There are many ways to begin creating your own legacy of giving. Every gift, no matter how large or small, has an eternal impact and makes a difference in the lives of those who are served by the ministry of Ariel’s Shoshanah campus.

Your generosity, gratitude and worship of Yeshua, our Savior can be expressed in a variety of ways:

1. One-time donations

2. Monthly recurring donations

3. Planned giving

4. Direct resource (practical) giving

One-time and recurring donations and areas of opportunity include:

Scholarship Fund: We are often overwhelmed by the generous giving of our students and those who support our ministry. Not everyone who wants to experience the life-changing teaching environment is able to, due to financial hardship. This is an area where you can make a difference. We have a tax-deductible scholarship fund that provides a way for tuition to be paid for students who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

Building Fund: Anyone who has been to Ariel’s Shoshanah Campus in the past 20 years knows just what a transformation that has taken place – and, it’s not quite finished! We continue to improve upon the cabins and the student experience by updating and modernizing our facilities, as well as adding more accommodations and public spaces.

General Fund: Covers the general operation of Shoshanah Campus, the day-to-day supplies, utilities, salaries of those serving, as well as maintenance, and most importantly keeping the office stocked with coffee!

Planned giving includes:

Planned giving is a responsible, helpful, and highly impactful way for a donor to support the ministries that matter to them, even after they’ve gone to be with the Lord. A planned gift to the Shoshanah Campus, such as through a will or trust, creates a legacy of biblical stewardship and aids the spread of the Good News of Yeshua through in-depth educational opportunities and evangelism. Planned giving is for anyone of any age, regardless of the size of their estate.

A planned gift is a transfer of the donor’s assets, as part of a donor’s estate plan. Planned gifts can be highly beneficial to both the donor as well as the receiving organization. Using tax-planning can help ensure that more of a donor’s financial legacy goes to the people and ministries they love, maximizing the usefulness and impact of their gift. Some planned gifts can even return income to the donor. Planned giving can be done in a variety of useful ways.

Ways to plan your legacy giving:

There are multiple ways to structure a legacy giving plan. It is important to seek trusted advice from an estate planning professional who will help you maximize the effectiveness of giving to those who truly matter to you. Some types of planned gifts can return income to the donor, and many types reduce tax liabilities. There are three broad types of planned gifts:

  • Gifts of appreciated assets
  • Gifts which return funds or benefits to the donor
  • End of life donations

Direct resource giving:

Sometimes it just feels better to give a very specific gift, but it’s hard to know how to meet the needs of an organization.

  • 12/15 passenger van
  • Tilting Skillet for the Kitchen


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